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Crys & Mark - April 2002

Welcome to my website.  My name is Crys and I, just like you, am a big Sawyer Brown fan.  A big Sawyer Brown fan with perhaps too much time on my hands so I created this website dedicated to the guys. 
I love the music, the shows, and the good fun the guys have provided over the years.  But I am most thankful to Sawyer Brown for the awesome people I've met along the way.  Fellow fans have formed a family and together have contributed a lot of time, energy, great ideas and talents to reach a common goal:  giving Sawyer Brown the recognition they deserve! 
Aside from Sawyer Brown, I'm an office manger for Ear, Nose and Throat surgeons and live in Oklahoma.  I have a 7 year-old daughter, who, I am proud to say, listens to the same music as her mom.  This website is the product of a lot of hard-work and stolen ideas :>) and I need to thank the following:
  • Frank Miller for allowing me permission to use Sawyer Brown's material.
  • Luck Media and Curb Records for the same.
  • for lots of great backgrounds and graphics.
  • for the great polls and they're so easy to use!!
  • To Emilie for tolerating me being gone during the few shows I go to that you have to miss out on. 
  • Shyla Farr, Bill Borgwardt and everyone else who contributed pictures.
  • Cindy, Leli & the whole SB gang for the good times, funny stories, weekly chats and long road trips!  You will never know how comforting it can be to see your taillights in the distance at 1am on a highway in the middle of nowhere!
  • Everyone who took the time to check out this site, voted for your favorite and/or contributed an idea for improvment!
  • And, of course, the guys for providing top-of-the-line entertainment and music that we just couldn't learn to live without!

Thank You!