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Sawyer Brown
Fan Club Party 2002


Fan Club Party 2002
Mark Miller
Hobie Hubbard
Joe Smyth
Jim Scholten
Duncan Cameron
Past Press Releases
Can You Hear Me Now
I Need A Girlfriend
Sawyer Brown Recipe
Alabama Tribute
Feedback / Voting Booth

The 2002 Sawyer Brown fanclub party was absolutely awesome.  Several fans put in a lot of hard work and it did not go unnoticed!! 
Special guests dropping by to help suprise the guys and celebrate their 20th Anniversary were Bryan White, Steven Curtis Chapman, Kevin Sharp, Mac McAnally, Lorianne Crook and several other personal friends of the band.  Some of the guests stood up and told their favorite Sawyer Brown stories or expressed thanks for everything the band members had done for them at points in their life.  Unable to attend, but sending letters included Charlie Daniels, Dolly Parton and Al Gore.  Karl Malone sent a video telling the guys how awesome he thinks they are and compared them to "fine wine", always getting better with age.  A presentation prepared by several fans was presented, which included interview clips, pictures of the band and comments from some of the fans.
Prior to performing their acoustic concert, the guys were presented with awards thanking them for 20 years of great music.  Songs performed during the party included 'Circles', 'Can You Hear Me Now', '800 Pound Jesus' and 'Leona'.  'Heart Don't Fall Now' was requested by Bryan White and 'Used To Blue' was dedicated to Cindy Martin, who hosted the event.
The guys seemed genuinely touched by the events of the party and everyone had a great time.  Long hours, creative ideas, and lots of hard work from several people made this party a huge success!

Fan Fair 2002 Pictures Coming Soon!